Michigan's Click it or Ticket campaign

Michigan’s ‘Click it or Ticket’ campaign

In the spirit of Halloween, Michigan’s “Click it or Ticket” campaign was launched at Burton’s Haunted Forest in Burton on Monday, as Dominic Adams writes for Mlive.com. “Zombies” roamed around and peered through a fence as Office of Highway Safety Planning director Michael L. Prince addressed those who were assembled.

Zombies also figure in a Halloween-spooky TV public service announcement reminding viewers that seat belts prevent injuries in car accidents. The campaign and seat belt enforcement zones are paid for with federal traffic safety funds coordinated by OHSP, according to a Michigan State Police press release. Adams quotes Prince as saying, “Seat belts are your best and primary defense in the event of a crash, zombie-related or not…. The goal of this campaign is voluntary compliance.”

Law enforcement officers from 140 police departments, and Michigan State Police from 26 counties, will enforce the Click it or Ticket campaign, handing out $65 tickets for those not wearing seat belts, Adams writes. OHSP and the Wyandotte Jaycees are making the campaign “a little more interesting,” Lt. Michael Shaw says in a WJBK news video. Officials say the campaign is needed because seat belt usage in Michigan has dropped from 98% to 93%.

In a Livingston Daily article, Michigan State Trooper Sgt. Michael Sura writes:

If you see a state police car with an officer standing beside it, you may have just entered a reported Zombie Zone. Consider this a reminder to wear your seat belt this Halloween season; your life might just depend on it.

In Colorado, the usage rate of seat belts was estimated at 81.5% in 2013, according to the 2013 State of Colorado Pre-Mobilization Seat Belt Survey by the Institute of Transportation Management of Colorado State University. The study — based on data from 47,840 vehicles at 225 sites in 29 Colorado counties from May 5 through May 11, 2013 — found that the overall estimated usage rate for seat belts in Colorado was 81.5%. Sponsored by the Colorado Department of Transportation, the research was conducted as a “pre-enforcement wave” study.

A comment by rmt_1 to an Autoblog post about the Michigan campaign’s public service announcement says: “Wearing seatbelts is among one of the first rules in the movie ‘Zombieland’, right around cardio-training and double-tapping zombies.”

Michigan’s Zombies PSA has the following caption, and you can see the video below:

Seat belts protect you from scary things: a Halloween-related campaign by OHSP reminds motorists seat belts can save you from a zombie attack.
Note: no actual living dead were harmed in the making of this commercial.


Vince and Larry trading card, courtesy Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning

Vince and Larry trading card, courtesy Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning

In a Halloween-related Michigan news item, OHSP offers Vince and Larry crash dummy costumes on loan. The one caveat is that the costumes must be used to promote seat belt and car seat use. They come with 250 trading cards to be handed out during events, Michigan State Police writes. OHSP also offers Click It the Cricket costumes for loan to promote seat belt and car seat safety.


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