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Comedian Chris Kattan, known for playing the characters Mango and Mr. Peepers on Saturday Night Live from 1996 to 2003, was arrested on suspicion of DUI on Monday, news reports say. Police stopped him after he crossed a barrier of orange cones and flashing signs on Los Angeles’s 101 Freeway at around 2 a.m. and crashed his Mercedes-Benz into the “cushioned” back of a parked maintenance vehicle with no one inside, as Chiderah Monde and Nancy Dillon write for the New York Daily News. Monde and Dillon report that Kattan, 43, who was alone at the time, suffered a bloody nose after his airbag deployed but was otherwise uninjured.

The Daily News goes on to report:

‘We had received one or two 911 calls reporting a Mercedes Benz was weaving all over the road at slow speeds,’ CHP [California Highway Patrol] spokesman Leland Tang told the Daily News. ‘The vehicle in question subsequently entered a construction work zone and collided with the rear of construction truck with a foam cushion on it.’

‘He passed a breathalyzer in the field, but he did not pass his field sobriety test. He did not do well walking heel to toe,’ Tang said. ‘Luckily those trucks were there to provide a safety cushion for the CalTrans personnel doing guard rail repair. It was a crash buffer that did exactly what it was supposed to do, and it probably saved his life.’

Tang told the New York Daily News that Kattan was arrested under a new law that specifies when drivers are under the influence of drugs, as opposed to alcohol. Police believe it is highly probable that Kattan was under the influence of prescription drugs, based on his spontaneous comments, Tang said, and that they will know for sure when test results come back in three to four weeks. Just yesterday, this blog wrote about the problems law enforcement officials in Colorado have because they have no comprehensive way to track marijuana-impaired driving as opposed to driving under the influence of alcohol.

Authorities booked Kattan (who won the 2013 Bonehead Award for Best Actor for his performance in “Just Crazy Enough,” according to, and released him at 7:38 a.m., the New York Daily News writes. On his twitter account, @ChrisKattan, the actor/comedian posted three tweets after his arrest:

Chris Kattan's tweets

Chris Kattan’s tweets after his DUI arrest

Kattan’s bio on IMDB says that he once worked as a chauffeur but was fired for being too short, at 5’6″. It also says he once said: “I love traffic. It’s fantastic.”


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