Justin Bieber mugshot

Justin Bieber January 2014 mugshot, courtesy Miami/Dade Corrections

Police found marijuana and two large glass smoking pipes in Justin Bieber’s limo Tuesday in Georgia, as Alan Duke reported for CNN Thursday. This news comes along with reports of about 10 hours of newly released video footage of the 19-year-old pop star, some of which shows him stumbling in a sobriety test he took in Miami Beach, Fla., on the night of his January 23 arrest for drinking and driving. After spending several hours in jail following that arrest, Bieber appeared in court, where a judge set his bail at $2,500, writes Allison Takeda for US Weekly.

In the newly released video footage (some of which you can see below), Bieber is shown trying to walk a straight line in one of the sobriety tests. Takeda writes: “At one point during the test, he appears to wobble slightly after spinning around to walk in the other direction.” The footage also shows Bieber doing pushups and talking with officers.

According to a Sandy Springs, Georgia, police report, police found the illegal drugs and paraphernalia in Bieber’s Cadillac Escalade after discovering in the vehicle a camera that a photographer claimed had been taken from him by Bieber’s bodyguard, CNN writes. No charges were filed related to the marijuana because of the small amount police found, according to a police statement; however the bodyguard, Hugo Hesny, was arrested on a felony theft charge, CNN reports.

In the January DUI case, the Miami Beach police report said that Bieber failed more than one sobriety test, including Horizontal Gaze, Romberg Balance, Walk and Turn, Finger to Nose, and One-Leg Stand, CNN writes. In addition, Bieber’s urine sample tested positive for metabolite of THC — indicating marijuana use — and alprazolam, the generic name for the prescription sedative Xanax.

Jon Blistein writes for Rolling Stone that Miami-Dade County prosecutors released the videos following a request from the Associated Press and other media outlets. Florida’s public record laws allow most evidence in a criminal case to be given to the media after the defense team has received it, Blistein writes.

Although Bieber’s lawyers blocked the release of four clips from video that show Bieber urinating into a cup as part of the drug test, Miami-Dade Judge William Atfield will view that footage and take it into account when rendering his verdict, Blistein writes, adding:

Bieber will appear in court on March 3rd on charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest — Bieber allegedly swore at police officers after he failed a Breathalyzer test — and driving with an expired license; his attorneys have already filed a written plea of not guilty on all three misdemeanor charges.

Rolling Stone’s Kory Grow quotes TV’s Judge Judy Sheindlin giving her opinion about Bieber in a recent CBS Los Angeles interview:

‘Being a celebrity is a gift,’ she said. ‘You could either treat it reverently or you could make a fool out of yourself. And he’s doing a very good job of making a fool out of himself.’

Here is a short clip from the jailhouse video:

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