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U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx invites employers to get a head start on Drive Safely Work Week (DSWW) by downloading the free campaign toolkit for 2013 at The theme for this year’s Drive Safely Work Week, which runs from October 7-11, is “Gear Up for Safe Driving: Mind, Body, Vehicle.”

DSWW has been sponsored since 1996 by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), Foxx writes on his blog, Fast Lane. An average of 3,500 organizations, representing 16.5 million employees per year, have participated annually in just the last three years, Foxx writes.

This year’s campaign focuses on how a driver’s being at his or her physical and mental best plus the “health” of the vehicle all contribute to safer driving. In the toolkit, NETS includes a letter employers can send to team members, which say:

Among other things, we’ll cover tips for getting better sleep, limbering up before getting behind the wheel, strategic snacking, the importance of regular vision screening, making sure you have the best fit to your vehicle and that your vehicle is fit for a safe trip.

The toolkit provides activities for each day of the campaign, downloadable graphics, and fact/tip sheets on each of the following issue areas, emphasizing the importance of the following for drivers:

  • Having regular vision testing;
  • Being well-rested before driving;
  • Making sure your vehicle has enough fuel;
  • Maintaining your car preventatively; and
  • Making sure your seat and mirrors are positioned to give you the best field of vision and sustained energy before starting the vehicle.

NETS also offers additional resources, including a novice driver’s road map, which is an easy-to-follow eight-step curriculum parents can use to teach their teens to be safe, focused drivers. The map also provides an organized way to log the practice time required by most states’ Graduated Driver Licensing programs.

Foxx quotes NETS Chairperson Sandra Lee:

‘Driving is a physical task that requires mental focus,’ said NETS Chairperson Sandra Lee. ‘A driver’s mind and body in combination with the vehicle work together as a system. This year’s campaign outlines simple steps that anyone can take to ensure every component of that system is well cared for and that drivers are at their best behind the wheel.’ has a Facebook page at, and can be followed on @NETSLynda. The free toolkit materials will also be available in Spanish in September, NETS writes.

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