ChargePoint Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Colorado

ChargePoint electric vehicle charging stations in Colorado.

Today [Tuesday] is the day Erie’s elected leaders will decide whether or not to move forward with a plan to install another electric car charging station in this town on Boulder County’s eastern border, writes John Aguilar for The Daily Camera. A new Erie station would complement the dozen or more stations throughout Boulder and Broomfield counties where drivers of battery-powered vehicles can plug in, he notes. There is already a station at the Walgreens at Eric Parkway and County Line Road, but another one would help the town in its efforts to be as green as possible, Eric spokesman Fred Diehl told The Daily Camera.

Aguilar quotes Diehl:

‘It dovetails very nicely with our other sustainability efforts — like our methane-to-energy project at the Denver Regional Landfill, our thermal solar panels at the Erie Community Center, and the Class A biosolids room at our water reclamation facility,’ he said. ‘It’s one more sustainability effort that would be included in our portfolio.’

According to Erie’s estimates, it would cost $10,000 to $20,000 for electrical installation, plus $3,500 to $4,000 for equipment for one 240-volt station, and Diehl said Erie’s Four Corners, near the library and community center, could be a likely location.

Funding help could come from United Power or a state grant sponsored by the Colorado Energy Office and the Regional Air Quality Council, Aguilar writes. There are four more charging stations in the works in Boulder, including at Boulder Reservoir and the Chatauqua Ranger Cottage.

And in a related news item, Colorado College (CC) now has an electric vehicle charging station, courtesy of Jim Burness, a 1990 graduate and CEO of National Car Charging, according to Colorado College. Burness, who was a political science major, arranged for the donation of the station from ChargePoint, the largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network in the U.S.

The new CC station is at 830 N. Nevada Avenue, in the parking lot on the southwest corner of Nevada Avenue and Cache La Poudre Street, which makes it accessible to CC and also the greater Colorado Springs communities. CC’s Sustainability Council allocated $2,500 for the installation, with fund from the 2012 Campus Annual Sustainability Projects Program.

It will cost drivers 75 cents per hour to charge EVs, which will cover the cost of electricity and ChargePoint fees. A one-hour charge will provide about 10 to 20 miles of driving distance, depending on the car. ChargePoint has an online map of charging stations and there are also mobile apps to help drivers locate stations.

CC writes that the new station helps to expand the EV infrastructure in the state:

‘In combination with electricity generated from renewable sources, electric vehicles will significantly reduce carbon emissions and play an important role in advancing smarter grid technology. We hope our public charging station in downtown Colorado Springs will encourage these emerging technologies on a local scale,’ said Emily Wright, CC’s sustainability coordinator.

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