Boulder police badgeTwo Boulder, Colorado, police who were charged with DUI in separate cases last year have resigned from the department, rather than face being fired, as Mitchell Byars writes for Daily Camera.

Following Boulder DUI Enforcement Officer Elizabeth Ward’s arrest in Thornton last December for suspicion of drunk driving, this blog reported last December that Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner said he was “very concerned after a second member of his department was accused of drunk driving.” At that time, Beckner said that following an internal investigation, he would have to approve any discipline, which could range from verbal reprimand to termination.

Police arrested Ward less than a month after arresting Detective Scott Morris, 40, for suspicion of DUI, as this blog noted. Byars writes that following an internal personnel investigation, a review panel recommended that both Morris, a 12-year department veteran, and Ward, 46, a five-year veteran, be terminated. The two resigned before any ruling was made, he writes.

In an article appearing on, Associated Press writes:

Ward, who was the department’s DUI officer, was spotted by an off-duty Arvada police officer weaving on Interstate 25 in Thornton on Dec. 4. A sheriff’s office report says Morris, a detective, was pulled over Nov. 15 on U.S. 36 after a deputy clocked him going 76 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Byars writes that the resignations of Ward and Morris bring the total of Boulder police officers who have resigned in the last year after being arrested to five:

Christian McCracken resigned after being charged with attempted murder and stalking before pleading guilty to one count of stalking. Sam Carter and Brent Curnow also resigned after being arrested and charged with nine counts in the shooting and disposing of an elk in the Mapleton Hill area on Jan. 1.

Chief Beckner said it is disappointing any time a member of the department gets arrested for any violation, and (as Byars reports) added: “It reflects negatively on the department, but I think it’s important for the community to look at the department as a whole.” The chief asked that members of the community remember the police department has “a lot of great employees.”

Morris was scheduled for a pre-trial conference on Feb. 22, and Ward is scheduled for an arraignment in Adams County on April 3, Byars writes.

Here is a public service announcement from the Boulder Police Department to prevent drunk driving:

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