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Fort Collins Service Helps Would-Be Drunk Drivers Get Home Safely

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Trunk Drivers logoA cleverly named service in Fort Collins, Colo., aims to help prevent drunk driving. Hank Van Orden created Trunk Drivers with a former business partner three years ago, and the business is starting to take off, as Katie de la Rosa writes for Coloradoan. explains how the service works (and what its name means): If you have had one too many, the service will send a designated driver to meet you and your car. The Trunk Driver arrives at your vehicle on a specially designed scooter that folds up so that it can fit into any trunk. The driver then drives you home in your own car. Once you are safely home, the driver leaves on his or her scooter.

De la Rosa writes that Van Orden started Trunk Drivers because he was haunted by the death of his older brother, who was struck by a drunk driver more than 20 years ago. Van Orden, 33, and his then-partner were inspired by a similar company in London, which they learned about on the TV show “Top Gear.”

De la Rosa reports that Van Orden’s mission is safety:

Although its services are unique to the local market, Van Orden said Trunk Drivers isn’t necessarily trying to outperform its competitors. Instead, there’s a different motive behind Van Orden’s first entrepreneurial endeavor.

‘My whole life I’ve wanted to do something dedicated to helping this cause,’ Van Orden said.

The company’s main hub is based in Old Town, Fort Collins, writes. The fee is $15 for a Fort Collins pickup or $20 for a Windsor/Loveland pickup, plus $3 per mile. If you are in another location, call for a price, the site says. The phone number is 970-658-0806. You can also make reservations in advance, through a form on the company’s website.

De la Rosa writes that the average wait for service is about 20 minutes. On an average weekend (excluding summer and large events, which are busier times), Trunk Drivers drive about five to 10 drunk drivers home. In February, Colorado police arrested 17 people for DUI in Fort Collins and 44 in Larimer County, de la Rosa writes. Perhaps it is fitting that Trunk Drivers is based in Fort Collins. As this blog reported last August: “For the fourth time, Fort Collins, Colorado, drivers have been ranked the safest in the U.S. in Allstate’s annual America’s Best Drivers Report.”

Van Orden’s current partner, Mike Nebeker, an insurance agent from Utah, told de la Rosa that about 95% of the company’s customers call them repeatedly for service. In appreciation for customer loyalty, Trunk Drivers has started a rewards program that gives frequent customers the opportunity to earn points they can use for discounted or free rides, de la Rosa writes.


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