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Tesla’s First Colorado Supercharging Station Is in Summit County

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Site of Colorado's first Tesla Supercharging Station

Site of Colorado’s first Tesla supercharging station. Photo courtesy of the Outlets at Silverthorne.

Amid reports that General Motors is developing a $30,000 electric car that can go 300 miles per charge, Tesla, whose electric Model S can run a maximum of 265 miles on a single charge, is installing its first free supercharging station in Colorado. As Joe Moylan writes for SummitDaily, the station will open in the Outlets at Silverthorne, in the Green Village behind Under Armour, in Summit County.

Workers from Denver-based Mason Wireless Solutions were at the Silverthorne location recently to install the supercharging cabinets, Moylan writes, adding that each cabinet can power two charging pedestals. There will be four cabinets and eight charging stations at the site. “A 120-kilowatt supercharging station can provide 200 miles of battery life after just 30 minutes of charge time,” writes the Associated Press in an article appearing on The Republic.

The base model of Tesla’s Model S features a 60-kilowatt battery for a retail price of $63,570, and upgrades for an 85-kilowatt battery or an 85-kilowatt performance battery are available for $10,000 and $20,000 extra, respectively, Moylan notes. Depending on what type of battery the Model S has, it can travel between 208 and 265 miles on a full charge. The two upgraded battery options come with a supercharging package, which includes free supercharging at all Tesla supercharging stations in the U.S., Moylan writes.

The Model S comes equipped to charge the battery at home, using standard 7- or 10-kilowatt outlets. But unlike the supercharging stations, those home charges will provide only 10 and 15 miles of battery life, respectively, in a half hour of charging time.

In May, Tesla announced an aggressive campaign to install 120-kilowatt supercharging stations throughout North America, along major highways and in every metropolitan area in the U.S. and Canada by the end of 2015, Moylan writes.

In an article appearing on USA TODAY, titled “GM aims at Tesla with new, long-range electric car,” Tom Krisher writes for AP that GM’s Vice President of Global Product Development Doug Parks would not say when or if the motor company will actually bring to market a $30,000 electric car with a range of 200 miles per charge. Krisher writes:

A moderately priced electric car with a 200-mile range would make electric cars more appealing to Americans, solving the two chief complaints about such cars: Anxiety over running out of power and high price, said Tom Libby, lead North American analyst for the Polk automotive research firm.

‘That would be a huge step forward, no question,’ he said.

After saying that Tesla — whose Model S got the highest test score for a luxury sedan by Consumer Reports magazine — is priced for “a real unique customer,” GM’s Parks told AP: “The real trick will be who can do a 200-mile car for more of the price range I’m talking about. We’re all in races to do that.”

Libby noted that cars powered solely by batteries comprise only 0.3% of U.S. sales. He said he is confident that percentage will increase with the advent of an affordable car with a 200-mile range.


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