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The 10 Colorado Counties With the Most DUIs

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Cost of a DUI in Colorado

Image courtesy Colorado Department of Transportation. has come up with a list of the 10 Colorado counties with the largest number of DUI arrests in 2012, as Michael Roberts reports in Denver Westword blogs.

Adams County had the most DUIs, with 2,970, and an average blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.162. Denver County was second highest, with 2,932, Roberts writes, but he notes: “Because the breakdown of 2012 Denver data has not yet been completed, the information for the county on the map has not yet been updated — the only county in the state for which that’s the case.”

Number three on the list is El Paso County, with a total of 2,738 DUI offenses in 2012, and an average BAC of 0.167. Coming in fourth on the list was Arapahoe-Aurora County, with an average BAC of 0.16. Of the 2,666 drivers arrested for driving while impaired, 2,622 were driving under the influence (DUI), and 44 were driving while their ability was impaired (DWAI).

Jefferson County ranks number five on the list, with 1,790 offenses in 2012, of which 1,729 were people driving under the influence, and 61 driving while their ability was impaired. Their average BAC was 0.172.

Sixth on the list is Weld County, whose residents received 1,139 DWAI or DUI arrests, 41 of those for DWI and 1,098 for DUI. Their average BAC was 0.154.

Larimer County is number seven, with 1,032 total offenses, of which 1,061 were for DUI, and 16 for DWAI. Their average BAC was 0.153.

Boulder County ranks eighth, with a total of 1,017 offenses, of which 954 were for DUI and 63 were for DWAI. Their average BAC was 0.156.

Douglas County is number nine, with a combined 862 DUI and DWAI offenses, of which 844 were for driving under the influence, and 18 for driving while their ability was impaired. Their average BAC was 0.16.

And coming in tenth on the list is Pueblo County, with a total of 671 offenses of which 653 were for DUI, and 18 for DWAI. Their average BAC was 0.162.

Roberts writes: “… [S]urprisingly enough, Denver, the most populous, isn’t number one (although it’s close).”

In the comments posted below Roberts’ article, Todd Anthony Ahlenius writes:

What is the ranking of the results when overall population is compared. The results are not surprising because they are likely the same as population, but what about the ratio of DUI/population, or miles driven in the county? shows an interactive map providing the statistics for every county in the state. The group’s site also makes it easy to calculate your blood alcohol level — which it points out is a “complex interaction of weight, gender, alcohol consumed, and time” — with its online BAC calculator.

The website offers resources for how you can prevent a DUI, since, as it says, “Every DUI is preventable.” For example, in one section called “Decisions Before Drinking,” it offers the following tips if you plan to attend a party or an event:

  • TIP 1: Begin planning for safe transportation options when the event is scheduled. Waiting until the last minute will make finding and using alternatives more difficult.
  • TIP 2: Arrange transportation with an individual who doesn’t drink or use drugs.
  • TIP 3:  Make an agreement with friends to take turns being a designated driver to all events.
  • TIP 4: Host events at home.
  • TIP 5: Have a sober friend or significant other drive the vehicle.
  • TIP 6: Have a sober friend or significant other be ‘on-call’ to drive you home.
  • TIP 7: Keep cab or public transportation telephone numbers in your cell phone, wallet or purse at all times and use them.
  • TIP 8: Use public transportation to get to events when it is available.
  • TIP 9: Stay where the event is being hosted, if possible.

NoDUIColorado’s website was created for the state by the Persistent Drunk Driver Committee as an educational resource about impaired driving and substance abuse behaviors. The committee is comprised of the Colorado Department of Human Services, State Judicial Branch, Department of Transportation, and Department of Revenue. It is charged with developing and implementing programs for deter drunk driving, and to educate the public, according to the site. It was formed as part of the Persistent Drunk Driver Act of 1998.


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