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Motorcyclist Speeding at 186 MPH on YouTube Turns Himself In

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Youtube motorcycle speeder Randy George Scott

Randy George Scott

Randy George Scott, a 25-year-old man who posted a YouTube video of himself speeding on a Yamaha sport bike at up to 186 miles per hour (mph), has turned himself in to police. Lindsey Tugman writes for CNN on Today’s THV that the legal speed limit on the TransCanada Highway, where Scott was speeding, is 50 mph. The video, which went viral, “[…] is insane, and Scott can be seen weaving through cars that appear to be standing still,” Benjamin Preston notes on Jalopnik.

Police in the Vancouver Island, Canada, town of Saanich had been trying to figure out the man’s identity after learning about the online video — which was posted back in April — and had put out feelers to the community. Authorities began looking for the Edmunton man in early July, when they charged him with a criminal count of dangerous driving after several witnesses named him as the driver in the video, according to

Amy Smart reports for the Times Colonist that Scott was released on bail on Wednesday, on conditions including that he not drive any motor vehicle, whether it be a car, a truck, a motorcycle, scooter, or all-terrain vehicle. She quotes Saanich Police Sgt. Dean Jantzen:

‘We could not have gotten where we are today without the tips we received,’ he said. ‘We were at a loss to be able to charge the driver when we were first public about this, and we’re in a much better place today, solely based on tips that have come to us from the public.’

Police said the blue 2006 Yamaha belongs to Scott’s mother, and is now in government custody. Police issued Scott’s mother $1,449 in moving violations in connection with the speeding incident, under statutes holding the registered owner of a motor vehicle responsible if it is used in an illegal act, Smart writes. Scott, who already had 27 driving-related convictions, including speeding and driving without a license, according to Visordown, is expected to appear in Victoria provincial court on August 16. Tugman writes that according to police, if Scott is convicted of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, he could serve up to five years in jail.

The YouTube video has drawn a lot of attention to the case. For example, in the comments below the Visordown article, Mickey Davids writes: “Somewhere, those people who need new organs are cheering him on!!” And a commenter named “Mikeey” writes:

Maybe it’s time we thought about giving these incompetent riders flashing warning devices to put on their bikes similar to those used by the emergency services. Say for instance, a red flashing light that they can activate when they want to ride like maniacs. The flashing light would indicate to other road users that a dangerous, unskilled, selfish rider with a death wish was approaching and to move out of their way. And finally, to those who condone the rider’s actions, will you still feel the same way if, due to his dangerous riding, he takes out a car on the road and kills everyone in it?


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