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Ten Things Thursday: Odd Accidents

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Odd Auto Accidents on the Colorado Accident Law Blog

As you may have noticed, I tend to write about car accidents often. From mechanical failure to drunk driving, it runs the gamut. Today is going to be a bit different, though. Today, we are going to take a look at the unusual and the odd:

  • Brakes are important, as the owners of a red Mazda Miata discovered when their car rolled downhill and belly-flopped into their swimming pool. Fortunately, no one was injured. [Mike Hoover of The York Daily Record, 02/02/09]
  • Distracted driving is one thing, but to be distracted by a “vampire” is a whole different kettle of fish. Still, that is exactly what one Colorado woman claimed to have happened to her last July. Surprisingly neither alcohol nor drugs were suspected as a factor in the accident. [Colorado Accident Law Blog, 07/13/10]
  • Then there was the case last year of Michael Edwards, who some of you might know as the cellist for the Electric Light Orchestra. The musician lost his life on the roads of England when a 1,300 pound bale of hay intersected his path. [CNN Wire Staff, CNN, 09/06/10]
  • Taking a turn for the tragic, as accidents all too often do, is the case of a young woman in England. The car she was in was hit by a boat, killing her at the scene. The boat was being towed by its owner’s Range Rover. [The Shuttle, 11/03/09]
  • Then there is the recent case of a man in New Zealand, who, a few days ago, was accidentally inflated like a balloon. He fell onto a nozzle for the compressed air supply which supplied his truck’s brakes. His body was physically inflated to twice its normal size. On the positive side, he seems to have sustained no lasting injury, although it did take several days for the air to leave his body. Something it had to do “the natural way” — flatulence. [Joshua Cohen, ABC News Radio, 05/26/11]
  • While it is not exactly an accident, this Mazda recall deserves notice. While most recalls are due to some mechanical glitch, this one was enacted due to a spider infestation. [Colorado Accident Law Blog, 03/09/11]
  • Then comes the strange case of Maurice Agis, 76, an English artist. He was charged with gross negligence manslaughter after his inflatable exhibit, Dreamspace, was blown nine meters into the air by a gust of wind with almost 30 people inside of it. The humorous aspect is eclipsed by the two fatalities that occurred. [, 02/13/08]
  • Workplace accidents can venture into the realm of the bizarre as well. Take last year’s case of the gym coach for Walker Elementary School in Northport, Alabama. He was hit by lightning. While uncommon, that seems hardly strange, until you realize that he was sitting at his desk inside the school building when he was struck. [, 04/21/11]
  • Distracted driving is not only a massive problem on modern roads, it can also cause some truly unusual accidents. Almost a year ago, I wrote here about a woman in South Florida who attained notoriety after it was determined that she was shaving her “unmentionables” while driving. [Colorado Accident Law Blog, 05/20/10]
  • In Tucumcari, New Mexico, police investigated a crashed car, only to find an odd string of footprints. The prints described a back and forth course between the trunk of the vehicle and the nearby bridge. Beneath the bridge authorities found 238 pounds of marijuana (estimated street value of over $642,000). [The World Link, 02/10/10]

Accidents are most often no laughing matter. As the uncommon examples above show, they can happen pretty much anywhere and at any time.

Image by Colin_K (Colin Kinner), used under its Creative Commons license.


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