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Seniors Support Additional License Testing

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Classic carAs people age, their senses and reflexes become less acute, which has a significant impact on their driving abilities. Slower reaction time and poor vision, for example, make seniors much more prone to accidents behind the wheel. Anyone who has discussed this with an elder loved one, knows it is an extremely sensitive issue.

A University of Colorado School of Medicine study examines the feelings of elders on this issue. Since the number of drivers over the age of 70 is about to triple over the next two decades, it is an important one to examine.

Michael Booth, a writer for The Denver Post, gives us the numbers:

Betz found that 71 percent of her subjects over age 65 supported mandatory, age-based driver retesting after a certain age. On the question of who should have the power to revoke a potentially dangerous driver’s rights, 68 percent believed it should be family members, 53 percent said doctors, 28 percent said the state, and 26 percent said police. (Respondents were allowed to choose more than one.)

News 9 report shares some worthwhile interviews and a few additional statistics:

In Colorado, the law mandates that drivers over 65 must renew their license through the mail, the only other requirement is taking an official vision test. Additionally, if a medical review of a driver is requested, the driver in question has a legal right to know who has complained. Critics of the study question its methodology, particularly the sample size, as well as how many seniors truly desire this sort of change.

Image by DeusXFlorida, used under its Creative Commons license.


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