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Crib Recall: The Thrift Store Concern

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CribThe recent recall of drop-side cribs is a concern to parents everywhere. The fact that the recall, originally issued three years ago, has been reissued, is certainly food for thought. This is especially true since both the original and recent actions were caused by the tragic deaths of children.

As KMOV TV notes:

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reissued a 2008 recall of nearly 1-million drop-side cribs, manufactured by Delta Enterprise Corporation.

The reissued recall was prompted by the death of a 7-month-old girl from Colorado Springs, Colorado in early 2011. […]

The original 2008 recall came when an 8-month-old girl suffocated when the drop-side of the crib detached.

Unfortunately, there are a a lot of ways in which a recalled product can slip through the cracks. Owners can simply be unaware of the recall for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the item in question was a gift. Or perhaps the product was obtained outside of the typical supply chain, like in a thrift shop or a second-hand store.

It is that last one that has some people worried in the wake of the crib recall. With an estimate of nearly a million of them recalled originally, there is no real way to determine how many might still be out there. Of course, since cribs are only used for a few years it is likely that at least some of them have ended up in thrift stores. The question is, how attentive to recalls are flea markets and thrift stores?

It turns out, at least some of these establishments are doing their due diligence. Jeremy Stevens, a writer for Ozarks First, brings us an example:

Drop-side cribs can still be found at second-hand stores and flea markets. The real concern is that these units may not come with all the parts to ensure a child’s safety.

‘I’m sure there are people who are not aware but you have to be very careful,’ [said] Jane Missildine, manager of Urban Flea Market.

Missildine opened her flea market with her friend Netty. She says any time these sort of items come into the store, she uses extra precaution.

‘Yes, we pay pretty strict attention to any recall that is done, especially for infants,’ says Missildine.

While Missildine at Urban Flea Market takes the proper precautions, that is not the case at every single store selling these products. It’s important to exercise your own due diligence before buying a crib or any other accessory for your child. The information you learn doing a quick search on Google could impact your child’s safety.

Image by USCPSC, used under its Creative Commons license.


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