leftGrand Junction, Colorado has an “S” curve problem that resulted in two car accidents last week, one of them fatal.

Cecile Juliette, a reporter for NBC11, notes:

This is the second time in two days there’s been a crash at the “S” curve on D 1/2 Road. Some residents in the area say there should be warning signs of the curve ahead posted along the road. There are no street lamps on that particular stretch of D 1/2 Road.

Lack of a warning sign and adequate lighting on a stretch of road like this is extremely dangerous. Add potential slippery or icy road conditions this Winter and it becomes even worse.

The first crash, which occurred on Wednesday, lead to the death of the driver, whose name has not been released. The second crash, which occurred on Friday, is a somewhat strange case, since there is no sign of the vehicle’s driver. Katie Ryan at KJCT 8 reports:

According to the Colorado State Patrol, a woman was driving a gold Toyota pickup truck headed westbound down D 1/2 when she hit the curb and flipped the truck on its left side.

There was a purse, wallet and cell phone belonging to a woman found in the vehicle.

Personal belongings, but no person. Speculation runs rampant in the comments on Ryan’s article. While theories abound, we will have to wait for the investigation to conclude to see the full picture. If the driver of the gold Toyota turns up, she should be pretty easy to recognize since authorities have her ID and her cell phone.

Authorities are still investigating both crashes. The Colorado State Patrol is investigating the most recent accident and the missing woman. Wednesday’s fatal accident is being investigated by the Grand Junction Police.

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Image by thristian, used under its Creative Commons license