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Colorado Senator Loses Transportation Committee Post After Fatal Accident

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gavelEvents continue to develop in the case of Colorado Senator Suzanne Williams’ fatal car accident in Texas the day after Christmas. In addition to all we’ve seen so far, there are now tangible political repercussions.

For those joining this story for the first time, here’s a quick summary: Colorado State Senator Williams (D-Aurora) was involved in a collision when her car veered across a Texas highway the day after Christmas. The car accident resulted in the death of a Brianna Gomez, who was pregnant at the time. Amazingly, the baby survived.

Since the tragic and controversial accident, Williams has been widely criticized by the media and the public. Now, she has officially lost what would have been her new Colorado government role.

Williams was expected to be the new Chairwoman of Colorado’s Transportation Committee; however, Colorado Senate Majority Leader John Morse (D-Colorado Springs) has just announced he will be choosing someone else for the position. Williams had previously served as Vice-Chair for the committee.

Joey Bunch, a reporter for The Denver Post, brings us a statement on the decision from Morse:

‘There are a number of important measures to come before the Transportation Committee this session requiring a full-time, active chair,’ Morse said in a statement. ‘Senator Williams’ accident in Texas on December 26th and the needs of her family and the Gomez family will undoubtedly consume substantial energy and force her to spend some time away from the Senate.

‘It is in the best interest of Senator Williams to devote herself to the long and painful process ahead for her to assist, as she is able, in the recovery of her family and the victims of this horrendous tragedy.’

Since the words “Grand Jury,” have been coming up frequently in media coverage of the accident, Morse’s decision is understandable. Additionally, as we discussed last week, adding controversy to the incident is the fact that — although Williams was a leading proponent of seat belt legislation — none of the three passengers in her vehicle were wearing seat belts at the time of the collision. Williams’ appointment as Chairwoman of the Transportation Committee would have undoubtedly been met with intense scrutiny, at the very least.

Image by Kieth Burtis, used under its Creative Commons license


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