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More On Colorado Senator Williams’ Car Accident

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car seatWhen someone high-profile is involved in an accident it usually means a lot of media attention. Such is the case for Colorado Senator Suzanne Williams’ car accident last month.

The December 26th crash outside Amarillo, Texas resulted in the death of 30 year-old Brianna Gomez, who was seven months pregnant at the time (fortunately, the child was saved by an emergency c-section).

The crash is garnering a lot of media coverage, mostly spurred by the fact that Williams is a well known proponent of tighter seat belt and child carrier laws. Reports indicate that the passengers in Williams’ car, including two young children, were not wearing any seat belts at the time of the car accident.

Keith Coffman at Reuters reports:

Williams came under fire after the crash because of her advocacy for stringent seat-restraint laws, but also for telling a Denver TV station that the crash was a ‘…tragedy that is a personal experience for me.’

She later issued a written statement expressing ‘horror, sadness and grief’ for the Gomez family. ‘It is a burden I will carry with me the rest of my life,’ she said.

Medrano said once the accident reconstruction team completes its probe, the case will be turned over to prosecutors, who would then present it to a grand jury.

Additionally, as I mentioned in a post earlier this week, Gomez is actually a relative of another Colorado Senator, Kevin Lundberg. A circumstance that will likely bring new levels of complexity to the proceedings and their coverage.

Adding more fuel to the controversy is the air of a “cover up,” which Williams’ lawyer quickly dismisses. Kirk Mitchell at The Denver Post reports:

Williams’ attorney, David Lane, said that following the accident, Williams picked up her grandson and placed him in his seat strictly out of concern for his well- being.

‘She has no recollection of doing it,’ Lane said. ‘Anyone who would infer a cover up because she did what any grandmother would do, by picking her grandson up and placing him in a comfortable seat, is a very cynical person.’

The Post article also notes a report by Trooper Gabriel Medrano that Williams was not carrying proof of insurance at the time of the crash. Proof that has still not been furnished to authorities.

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