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Colorado Senator Involved in Fatal Texas Crash

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Colorado State CapitalColorado State Senator Suzanne Williams (D-Aurora) was involved in a head on collision when her car veered across a Texas highway on Sunday, December 26th. The tragic accident resulted in the death of a pregnant woman in the other vehicle. Amazingly, the baby survived.

Michael Martinez and Divina Mims of CNN reports:

Physicians were able to deliver the woman’s baby boy by C-section, and he was listed in critical condition in Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo, Texas. His mother, Brianna Michelle Gomez, 30, of Amarillo was pronounced dead seven hours after the accident, authorities said.

Brianna Michelle Gomez — whose husband and two children survived the accident with minor personal injuries — was actually related to another Colorado Senator, Kevin Lundberg (R-Berthoud). She was his cousin’s niece. Dan Boniface, a reporter for 9News, takes a look at the complex inter-relationships involved in this tragedy:

Lundberg says he found out about the crash through an e-mail from the Colorado Senate, but later received a phone call from a family member alerting him that a member of his family was involved.

‘There will be times to sort out public policy issues surrounding this, but this is not it. This is the time to support the family that has lost a mother, lost a life, and for all those who have been permanently affected by this accident,’ Lundberg told 9NEWS.

Lundberg says he also works very closely with Williams.

‘For four months out of year, we pretty much live together, work side by side, on committees and at the floor. And so, you get to know everybody,’ he said.

According to reports, Williams claims no memory of the immediate events leading up to the fatal accident. Officer Medrano stated in earlier interviews that Williams would be interviewed again about events. While alcohol is not suspected as a factor in the crash, investigators did collect evidence at the scene of the collision, and the investigation is ongoing.

On another note, Williams was a major proponent of seat belt and car safety legislation. Reporters and bloggers are already buzzing about this, since her son and grandson in the car were both ejected due to not wearing seat belts.

Image by wanderstruck, used under its Creative Commons license


8 Responses to “Colorado Senator Involved in Fatal Texas Crash”

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  • ResponsAbility says:

    I am absolutely APPALLED with this situation.
    This woman lives nearby in our very street and I only found out a few days ago.

    Suzanne Williams had NO Insurance and NO seat belts and serves as a major proponent of seat belt and car safety legislation for the state? What a JOKE. Because of this, is she going to get special privilege and get out of any jail term with this, state of the art lawyer? Appalled. My opinion and others I’ve talked to say that she will look to her status in government to get out of it.

    Abusing her position I say.

    After all of the above, do we still want this woman in charge of transport for this state? Obviously, at 65 it’s time to resign from this responsible position – especially if her so called ‘brain damage’ prevents her from serving the government coherently. Or, will that heal once this is all over and she is sighing relief? Her term should have been automatically terminated.

    What weight would any of her intelligence now have after this?

    Ironically the pregnant deceased woman she hit, was the niece of another Colorado senator of Aurora – Kevin Lundberg who also works very closely with Williams.

    Williams moving her grandson could have put him in a wheel chair for the rest of his life had he had any spinal injuries! It IS a miracle that these three members of her own family weren’t killed. This, is a very serious crime and I hope she is dealt with like any other member of society and goes to jail and, gets full therapy for the ‘brain damage’ her lawyer is now claiming she ‘might’ have had at the time. Now, did she put that poor child into her car to hide facts – tampering with evidence – Correct me if I am wrong here but isn’t that is a serious offense? 🙁

    Her own son and Grand kids are injured seriously, a mother of three is dead who’s family will have this torment every Christmas for the rest of their lives and Suzanne Williams is going to walk? What a JOKE. She should make it easy for everybody and resign to seriously consider helping her poor family/self heal, mend and recover from this horrific ordeal.

    Being behind the wheel and in charge of people in your car is a responsibility.
    Not focusing on doing that can turn a car into a weapon as demonstrated here.

    As one comment here put it: ‘If it were carelessness in the act of distraction then you will need to suffer the punishment like anybody else’


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  • David Watson says:

    Many months later and I cannot find any news regarding the disposition of this matter. Surely her position was not above the law. Involuntary manslaughter charges is the norm in Texas but it appears that this has been swept under the rug. Does anyone know differently.

  • christina allen says:

    I heard the Texas legal response to the matter of this woman’s accident as listed above. A woman/wife/mother died as a result of Ms Williams’ inabilities apparently to stay awake during her drive home from the holidays. Willingly driving without sufficient sleep is akin in my mind to driving while intoxicated–they both render one unable to drive!!!! Her son was in the backseat with one or two children, all unseat-belted and apparently another child was in the front, also unbelted. What is wrong with this picture? I heard Ms. Williams’ response to the question about why the kids were not belted and she gave some lame response that it was up to her son. Bullwacky!!!!! It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure everyone is belted, even herself. This woman needs to retire from her responsibilities for the State of Colorado, now and immediately. She deserves to be sued by the Gomez family. I hope they wake her up so she can understand the errors of her ways, causing the death of an innocent. The State of Texas needs to wake up as well, do a proper investigation of this murderer–yes, she took a life!!!! Throw the book at Ms Williams.

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