skidLast Saturday was supposed to be a time of travel for 47 year-old David Nanny, returning to his native Baltimore during the holiday break to see friends and family, before returning to the Colorado Center for the Blind next term.

Nanny was waiting for the bus with two other blind students when an out of control car ended his life and injured his two companions.

Howard Pankratz of the The Denver Post brings us some details about the car accident:

The accident occurred on the southeast corner of West Mineral Avenue and South Utica Drive. The 21-year-old female driver of the car apparently slid on ice as she turned right onto Mineral Avenue from northbound Utica Drive and lost control of her vehicle

Littleton police spokesman Sean Dugan said the ice was a contributing factor. But the driver, who has not been named, will be charged after the investigation is completed, he said.

Once again, winter conditions set the stage for deadly injury. One small consolation comes from the reports that Nanny’s last moments were spent heroically. 9News brings us a statement from the deceased man’s surviving family:

‘Dave was able to actually push these two women out of the way. If they would have all been hit, they may have all died is what the doctor said,’ Ann Nanney said. ‘He actually saved their lives and sacrificed his own life.’

Ann Nanney says one of the women called her Saturday and said, ‘You’re husband saved my life.’

According to The Denver Post, before the loss of his sight, Nanny was an artisan craftsman and carpenter. After retinitis pigmentosa took his vision, a slow process stretching over a decade, he enrolled in the Colorado Center for the Blind, where he became immensely popular with the staff and the student body.

Image by CoCreatr, used under its Creative Commons license

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