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Colorado Shooting Range Tragedy: Twins’ Identities Still Elusive

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bulletA few days ago we reported on a tragic incident at Colorado’s Family Shooting Center, where two twin sisters from Australia were found shot in the head.

The AFP brings us a synopsis of the incident:

Reports said the women were firing small-calibre guns in the same stall at the Family Shooting Center south of Denver on Monday afternoon, when both suddenly collapsed to the ground with bullet wounds to the head.

The incident was fatal for one girl, and left the other with critical personal injuries in the hospital. Unfortunately, authorities have been unable to identify which twin is which — that is, which twin is still alive.

Henri Paget of Australia’s 9NEWS describes recent attempts by Captain Louie Perea of the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office to identify the surviving sister:

Capt Perea said his interview with the surviving twin today did not yield any useful information.

‘It wasn’t that she wasn’t cooperative, she just wasn’t physically able to answer our questions and we weren’t sure if she knew what we were asking her,’ he told ninemsn.

‘She is in a lot of pain, and with the medication she was on she was unintelligible.’

In the meantime, the surviving sister’s fingerprints have been taken, and authorities are awaiting verification from Australia. Family members are also en route between continents to reach the girl’s hospital and hopefully identify her.

The shooting itself is still as mysterious as the survivor’s identity. Police are faced with three main possibilities: tragic accident, homicidal intent, or a double suicide attempt. According to the 9NEWS report, police have ruled out the involvement of a third party.

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