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Accident, Suicide or Muder?: Australian Twins Shot in Arapahoe County

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gunA tragic and confusing death at an Arapahoe County, Colorado shooting range has investigators baffled. Twin sisters visiting from Australia suffered gunshot wounds critically injuring one and ending the life of the other. Unfortunately, authorities have little idea whether it was an accident or intentional. To make the incident more complex, no one has been able to identify which of the twins survived.

Kate James, a writer for, provides a summary:

Members of the victim’s family are going to Colorado to help identify the body of the dead twin sister and be with the surviving twin. As of now, authorities are not sure if the shooting was a suicide, foul play or an accident – there was no suicide note. At this point investigators do not believe that a third person shot the 29-year-old twins. The surveillance video showed the twins falling backwards at almost the exact same time at 2:50 p.m. on Monday afternoon. The video did not show anyone enter the stall other than the two sisters. reports that “investigators are trying to determine how both women were shot in the head. They aren’t looking for any suspects. They’re trying to sort out whether the shootings were accidental or intentional.”

The confusion coupled with the international angle of the case make this a very complicated situation. The two girls were visiting from the state of Victoria in south east Australia and were in the US on cultural exchange visas.

Image by Freedom Moreno, used under its Creative Commons license.


2 Responses to “Accident, Suicide or Muder?: Australian Twins Shot in Arapahoe County”

  • Mitch in Toronto says:

    Super high-strangeness – to say nothing of tragic occurrence. To engage in some speculation is it possible the women were exchanging fire-arms – probably against range rules but might have occurred nevertheless. Never hand a person a gun or a knife – even a kitchen knife. Place it on a table surface and allow the other person to take possession of it – you having relinquished your control over the article wholly and entirely. It’s considered an affront in European culture to hand a knife to someone directly. Regardless of whether they’ve indicated they’re willingness to take possession through direct transfer. Makes good sense in the legal arena as well. As for this case – I’m confident forensics will provide a scenario but not necessarily a rationale. Extreme high-strangeness [ in a decidedly tragic context. .

  • Some great safety tips there Mitch, thanks for chiming in!


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