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Denver Professor Dies in Accident, DUI Suspected

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windshieldPolice are seeking witnesses to a Denver accident five days ago on Colorado Blvd. at 14th Ave. The car crash took the life of a beloved local area college professor, as David Young of KDVR reports:

Police say Jose Nevarez-Coronado was intoxicated when his vehicle collided with a car carrying 62-year-old Yvonne Frye in the middle of the intersection.

Frye, who taught remedial English at the Community College of Denver, died from her injuries. Nevarez-Coronado was transported to Denver Health Medical Center for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson stated to the media that Frye’s car was carried a full two hundred feet from the point of impact. Nevarez-Coronado was taken into custody while an investigation of possible vehicular homicide, driving under the influence and reckless driving is in progress. Meanwhile, faculty and students at the Community College of Denver mourn the loss of an educator who was considered to be like family to many of them.

Here is the video report:

Anyone with any information on this tragic car accident is encouraged to contact the Denver police at (303) 913-2000.

Image by Rich Anderson, used under its Creative Commons license


4 Responses to “Denver Professor Dies in Accident, DUI Suspected”

  • [NOTE: This comment has been changed, the profanity has been edited out.]
    Jose shouldn’t be charged his braked when out when he was going to stop for the red light and he hit that women he shouldn’t be charged with a f—ing thing i love Jose like a brother he was my sisters boyfriend for 6 years so i know him pretty well and he doesn’t remember anything from the crash why have he be punished its not going to make that women come back~!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holli says:

    I disagree with you Kira, He should be highly punished because of his actions she is gone! He chose to get in that car and drive drunk. He stole the life from her!!! It does not matter how “good” of a person he was… fact remains that he killed someone and i personally believe in a life for a life. I don’t know how he sleeps at night.

  • Erica Burton says:

    How can you say such a thing, if it were anyone in your family. Those words that just came out of your ignorant mouth, would not be spoken. If he was driving while drunk of course he wouldnt remember anything. It is still aganist the law to be driving under the influence. as i recall you just stated he couldnt remember anything, so how do you know his brakes went out. is that because he told you. Of course he would say that, because only a coward would try to get off for committing murder. I will pray for you, I knew Ms. Frye personally and she didnt deserve for this to happen to her, This man really does not know what he has taken away from us. Anyone who knew her loved her, i dont know how were going to live without her. Everyone who has committed a crime such as this should be punished. i cant believe yoou Kyra Schraiber are saying these words, you need some serious help. i hope if he doesnt get jail time, he spends every waking moment seeing her face, knowing what he did to her.

  • kyra says:

    im sorry for saying the things that i said i was really mad and i know i shouldnt have said anything i shold have kep it to my self sorry to anyone that i have hurt my deepest appologies ssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bye


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