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“Bin Laden Hunter” Arrested After Colorado SUV Accident

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ford explorerSometimes an auto accident reveals other legal issues when investigated — whether it’s the presence of intoxicants, contraband in the trunk, or even domestic violence. The latter is the one on my mind this morning as we examine the details surrounding the Colorado car accident of Gary Brooks Faulkner, the so called “Bin Laden Hunter.”

The bearded 51 year-old made international headlines last June when he was arrested and detained in northern Pakistan while carrying a 40 inch sword and a pistol. He claimed he was a one man mission to behead Osama Bin Laden.

Faulkner is in the news once more following a single vehicle car accident he was in with his girlfriend. Colorado State Patrol spokeswoman Trooper Heather Cobler reports that the couple’s Ford Explorer ran off the road into a ditch at roughly 4 PM Tuesday. The accident occurred on North Spring Gulch Road in Clear Creek County. Faulkner was a passenger in the vehicle at the time.

The driver, Jennifer Logie-Oliver, was injured. However, it seems that the personal injuries may have been sustained prior to the crash. reports:

Troopers noted that Logie-Oliver had four fresh bruises on her head, which she told them she sustained during the crash.

But Faulkner soon admitted that he had become upset with the way Logie-Oliver was driving and the pair had a heated argument.

Arrest records show both admitted to drinking alcohol prior to the accident.

Alan Gathright, a news producer for ABC 7News, notes that Logie-Oliver originally stated that she sustained the bruises in the accident. After Faulkner admitted they were in “a heated argument” at the time of the crash, she then changed her story, saying that she fell down the hill walking back to the car.

‘The driver in this case was injured and the injuries were not consistent with those of someone involved in a recent traffic crash,’ Cobler said. ‘This led our troopers to investigate further, and as a result of their investigation Mr. Gary Faulkner was taken into custody for third-degree assault and domestic violence.’ Troopers are investigating whether a domestic assault caused the wreck, Cobler said. Meanwhile, Logie-Oliver was arrested for driving under the influence, Cobler said. Both Logie-Oliver and Faulkner said they’d been drinking alcohol while walking on the top of a hill, the affidavit said.

Third degree assault and domestic violence. Not charges you usually associate with a car crash. ABC 7 News has a copy of Faulkner’s arrest affadavit that you can view or download here [PDF].

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