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Tancredo Relatively Unscathed After Motorcycle Accident

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Tom Tancredo, official Congressional photoGubernatorial candidate for Colorado Tom Tancredo took a spill while riding on South Broadway in Denver. Tancredo says he was cut off by a car that was exiting a parking lot onto the street in front of him.

Fox News reports more details:

The 64-year-old said his glasses and watch were broken and his motorcycle was badly damaged.

‘It sent me flying and the motorcycle flying about 40 or 50 yards along the ground,’ Tancredo said.

‘It is the darnedest thing,’ he said. ‘I’m conscious. I’m just sliding along the pavement. It seemed like it was forever.’

Tancredo states that he did go to a hospital later, after doing a radio interview. At this point, it is not known whether the former Republican was issued any citations.

Of course, news like this tends to spread rapidly. A celebrity name always garners extra attention. One interesting reaction that I ran across was in The Denver Post, where columnist Susan Greene reacts to Tancredo’s helmet-less state at the time of the collision with a decidedly pro-helmet law stance. Here is one small taste of it:

There is a global movement toward helmet laws. The World Health Organization has a project to encourage helmet use among motorcycle and bike riders. (This shouldn’t be confused with the United Nations conspiracy to encourage bicycle riding.)

Still, here in America, laws mandating motorcycle helmets for adult riders are being dismissed by motorcycle activists as a lifestyle infringement. Twenty states have helmet laws, compared with 47 states 30 years ago. Easy riders have managed to repeal 17 laws, including Colorado’s.

That trend is either good or bad news, depending on which side of the issue you come down on. Still, there is no denying that your chances of survival skyrocket when protective headgear is involved.

This United States Congress image is in the public domain.


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