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Four-Motorcycle Accident Leaves All Four Bikers Dead in Iowa

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Motorcycle WheelFour motorcyclists were killed last Monday in a tragic car vs. motorcycle accident on I-29 in Iowa, as an oncoming pickup truck swerved into their lane striking all 4 motorcycles.

According to Greg Schulte, a reporter for The Des Moines Register, the deceased motorcyclists have been identified as Dennis Chaney, 62, of Glenwood, Steven L. Benscoter, 62, of Pacific Junction, Jay C. Bock, 48, of Omaha, Nebraska, and Dale E. Aspedon, 49, of Glenwood.

The pickup truck driver who struck the four bikers has been identified, as well:

Officers also named Andrew Schlichtemeier, 21, as the pick-up driver who reportedly swerved into the oncoming lane in a construction zone and struck the bikers just south of Little Sioux.

Even though this event did not occur in Colorado, tragedy of this magnitude warrants scrutiny. Far too often, bikers pay the price for people driving cars in an unsafe manner. It appears that this may have been the case here too — at least according to media reports on the fatal accident.

Andrew Nelson and Dave Hendee, reporters for the Omaha World Herald, share with us some of the details regarding the possible involvement of alcohol in the accident:

Minutes before a pickup truck veered into them, someone reported an apparently intoxicated motorist buying beer at a Missouri Valley, Iowa, gas station. Descriptions of that customer matched that of Andrew Don Schlichtemeier, 21, of Murray, Neb., the driver of the pickup truck, said Lt. Brad Pollard of the Iowa State Patrol. Witnesses’ description of the man’s vehicle also matched the pickup Schlichtemeier was driving.

A witness called 911, and officers went to Missouri Valley after the man had left the gas station.

Pollard said the accident happened about 19 miles north of Missouri Valley, shortly after the beer purchase.

The  article goes on to give an in depth account of the incident, including information on  Schlichtemeier’s prior impaired driving violations. According to the report, Iowa officials are calling this “one of the worst motorcycle-fatality accidents the state has ever seen.”

Image by grendalkhan, used under its Creative Commons license


4 Responses to “Four-Motorcycle Accident Leaves All Four Bikers Dead in Iowa”

  • TRA says:

    It is such a tragedy that this man was not stopped at the gas station. It is like the JOhn Kenyona show WHAT WOULD YOU DO? I hope that the people that saw and described him think twice before allowing that to happen again. What about the clerk that he purchased alcohol from that clerk should be FIRED. It starts with us people to make our world a safer place. My heart goes out to the mourning families.

  • Alvin Hansen says:

    I’m not American, but it seems to me that whoever sold that man gas had a moral obligation to notify the police ASAP if he appeared visibly impaired. Moreover, in Canada, people can be refused service at vendors/in licensed establishments if they appear to be intoxicated…does the U.S.A. not have similar laws?

  • mike wasson says:

    Why are gas stations allowed to sell liquor, anyway? I live near a major interstate highway, Interstate 74, in Illinois. I frequent a filling station at the end of the off ramp, often in the evening, to buy bread or milk. I seldom go in that I don’t see customers buying (COLD) quarts of been, jumping back in their cars or semis, to get back on the road. It is pretty obvious what is going on.

  • sherrie hilpipre says:

    My son was also hit by a drunk driver the same date he was very lucky and flew off his bike not going tio fast and suffered little injurys.The worst thing that gives him prioblems is some nerve damage in his leg and still some foot problems.Then i heard about thi other motorcyle wreck with four motorcycles and yet another drunk driver in a truck , no less another very young person at fault .surely a friend or someone close to this young man knew he was leaving to drive in this condition .So please people if you see or even haer of someone going to drive drunk help them by stopping them ..This not has ruined all the lives of these families of the motorcycle victtems lbut also the life of this young man and his family.he probly doesnt remember being that drunk what happened so lets step it up and try and help keep drinkers from driving . Save lives just by getting involved,and going out of our way a little bit.


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