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Does Every Personal Injury Accident Require an Attorney?


The following is a guest post by the Newport Beach personal injury accident lawyers of BISNAR | CHASE.

After being injured in an accident, there are a number of mistakes victims can make that could weaken their personal injury claims. And making any one of these mistakes can jeopardize the chance to receive a fair settlement. One common mistake is when injured accident victims attempt to handle their own case.

A catastrophic injury claim can depend on a number of intangibles, which are not usually apparent to the typical victim. An inconspicuous issue — that most victims won’t notice — will be discovered by an experienced attorney. And that can dramatically change the value of the claim.

Not every personal injury accident will require an attorney. Knowing if your case needs an attorney is like knowing when to visit the doctor. If you have a sprained wrist, you might be inclined to treat it yourself. If your wrist is broken, however, you should visit a physician or a specialist. Likewise, a skilled lawyer can help you maximize your claim if your injury warrants it.

No matter how severe or minor your accident, it is a good idea to receive a free consultation from a personal injury lawyer who will help you determine whether you need an attorney or if you can pursue the case yourself. Knowing that your case is in good hands will give you peace of mind and help to ensure you obtain a fair settlement.


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