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Colorado DUI: Trucker Admits To 37 Charges in Longmont “Rampage”

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SemiDriving under the influence (DUI) doesn’t always lead to tragedy, but it’s never a good idea — especially when the vehicle is not just a car, but an 18 wheeler. Take the case of a truck driver in Longmont, Colorado, who racked up 37 counts of driving-related offenses on what The Longmont Times-Call calls a “rampage” through the area’s Prospect neighborhood.

KDVR Denver‘s web staff report:

Police believe [David] Kent had been drinking and got lost in the narrow streets of the Prospect development, which is known for its upscale homes and unusual architecture. He drove his rig and trailer through alleys, crashing into property, fences, vehicles and landscaping along the way.

Reporter Pierrette J. Shields gives a detailed account of the series of accidents in her column in The Longmont Times-Call:

David Kent, 39, pleaded guilty to driving under the influence, careless driving, 17 counts of striking an unattended vehicle, and 18 counts of failing to report an accident or return to the scene of an accident. Prosecutors dismissed a felony criminal mischief charge.

Prosecutor Ken Kupfner said that in Colorado, the convictions would mean 424 points on a driver’s license.

Of course since Kent is from Tennessee, the point system used in Colorado does not apply.

Shields continues to describe the damage from the series of collisions:

The truck left a swath of damage through the neighborhood, including uprooted trees, a downed fence, damage to 17 parked cars, a carport ripped from a carriage house, tire ruts in yards, sprinkler systems pulled from the ground, and lamp posts and signs knocked down.

On the bright side, no one was injured and all the damage done was covered by insurance. Kent was sentenced to 48 hours of community service. Community service, I might add, which must be completed before his deployment to Afghanistan with the Tennessee Army National Guard at the beginning of next September. Boulder District Judge Gwyneth Whale also rendered a $1,500 fine for the DUI.

Kent reportedly has not had a drop of alcohol since the incident.

Image by dossup on Flickr, used under its Creative Commons license.


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