wrong waySometimes events on the road can spiral out of control. Such was the case in Fort Wayne, Indiana Thursday morning on W. Jefferson Blvd. — the scene of a frightening chain of auto accidents.

Bob Caylor, environmental and business reporter for The News-Sentinel in Ft. Wayne, writes:

Fort Wayne Police were called at about 7:40 a.m. to a five-vehicle wreck at the entrance to Lutheran, 7900 W. Jefferson Blvd. The Tahoe had rolled over and landed in a ditch; the driver was freed from the crashed vehicle by firefighters.

As investigators worked through the morning to piece together events, they quickly connected several accidents and reports that were received by three law-enforcement agencies.

According to police statements, it seems that the five-car pile up was the culmination of a series of collisions. They are currently investigating a chain of accidents believed to involve the same car and driver. According to the official statement of the Ft. Wayne police, as released on The Journal Gazette, the series of accidents were all linked to the same white Chevy Tahoe:

The Indiana State Police reported working three related vehicle accidents:

  • Two single-motor vehicle accidents; both believed to be struck by the white Tahoe (Hit-Skip Accidents).
  • One three-motor vehicle accident; believed to be caused by the white Tahoe.

The Allen County Sheriffs Department reported working two related vehicle accidents:

  • Two single-motor vehicle accidents; believed to be struck by the white Tahoe (Hit-Skip Accidents).

Scott Sarvay and Jeff Neumeyer of Indiana’s NewsCenter identified the driver as 21 year-old Candy Genung of Huntington. Many sources report that the driver was on her way to the doctor and had been fasting the night before in preparation for her appointment. While there is speculation that an unidentified ailment or the fasting itself contributed to the wrecks, there is presently no confirmation of this.

Image by jerryonlife on Flickr, used under its Creative Commons license