No matter how mundane the circumstance, there is always a small chance that someone could get hurt. Granted it’s much harder to get hurt in a room full of pillows than among the sharp, rusty metal of a junkyard, but it does occasionally happen. Just ask NFL player Matt McChesney.

The Denver Broncos lineman, in his line of work, faces opportunities to get injured on a daily basis. However, McChesney didn’t suffer his career-threatening injury on the gridiron. He suffered it on the golf course, of all places.

The Huffington Post has a quick rundown of the freak accident:

McChesney, a former Niwot High School and University of Colorado star, was stepping out of his golf cart when another cart zoomed by and rolled over his ankle, which had already been surgically repaired after a preseason injury last year. According to the Denver Post, the Broncos want the 28-year-old McChesney to try to rehabilitate his ankle in time for training camp, but the backup guard seems resigned to hang up his cleats.

One momentary accident during a typically harmless activity, and suddenly McChesney’s pro football career could be over.

Image by Joe Crimmings Photography on Flickr, used under its Creative Commons license