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Motorcycle Accidents: Why You Need A Lawyer

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Thunder Roads Magazine Colorado

Publication: Thunder Roads Colorado
Published: April, 2010

Accident Attorney Dan RosenMotorcycle riders often get an unjustified reputation as being reckless, taking risks, and violating traffic laws.

A major study conducted by the University of Southern California (USC) found that approximately three-fourths of motorcycle accidents involved a collision with another vehicle, usually a passenger automobile. It was also found that in multiple vehicle accidents, the driver of the other vehicle violated the motorcycle’s right-of-way and caused the accident in two-thirds of the cases. Further the study found that:

The failure of motorists to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic is the predominating cause of motorcycle accidents. The driver of the other vehicle involved in collision with the motorcycle did not see the motorcycle before the collision, or did not see the motorcycle until too late to avoid the collision.

These findings show that motorcycle riders have unjustly received a bad reputation from the general public, as well as from insurance companies that cover motorcycle riders. Motorcycles are inherently prone to accidents caused by other drivers because of their small size. Motorcycles easily fit into the blind spot of typical passenger automobiles. The truth is, most motorcycle riders are very good drivers and keep an eye out for motorists who do not see them. This awareness of other drivers, however, does not prevent all accidents.

When motorcycle accidents in which the other vehicle’s driver is at fault occur, insurance companies covering the at-fault driver will go to great lengths to keep from giving the motorcycle rider the money he or she deserves. Insurance companies frequently rush the victim to make a quick settlement as a way to save money. Most victims are not insurance experts, and do not know if they are getting a bad deal from the insurance company or not. When a check is stuck in front of them it can be quite tempting to sign; but taking the first offer is usually a mistake.

Other times the insurance company of the at-fault driver will try not to pay at all for the accident and resulting injuries. They often try to make it appear that the motorcycle rider was at fault in the accident, and this can be easy to convince a jury, since motorcycle riders have this unjust reputation of being reckless.

It is vital to have a qualified and competent motorcycle accident lawyer on your side if you find yourself the victim of a motorcycle accident. A qualified lawyer will help make sure that you get the settlement that you deserve; a settlement that will cover your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, as well as paying for the damage to your motorcycle. Not having a lawyer to stand up for you will cost you more than just money; it will also cause you a great deal of frustration and headaches. Trying to fight an insurance company on your own, while at the same time dealing with physical injuries of a motorcycle accident can be an overwhelming task.

A qualified Colorado accident lawyer is the only one who will be on your side in case of an accident. A lawyer works for you and only you. The insurance company works for their share holders and will try very hard to keep from getting you the money you deserve.


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